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Hi! I'm Nonie! The artist behind Art by Nonye and the creative strategist behind Art by Nonye Design Studio!


"Nonye" (aka my artist pen name) actually comes from my Nigerian background. It is full of rich, unexplored history along with the rest of the African continent. Aside from culture, I also have a love of fashion and beauty! These subjects are reflected in my art brand (Art by Nonye) and sometimes in my visual branding brand (Art by Nonye Design Studio).

I am mostly a  pencil artist, a graphic designer, and a creative strategist. Whether I am creating beautiful works of art for your home or curating a beautiful aesthetic to your brand, I believe in being multi-faceted.

​When I was a young girl, I had a pencil and a dream. I never gave up, pursued with faith, kept shining, and l let God lead the way.

Everything started with a pencil, and I encourage you to start your dreams no matter how small!



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